KCIG is awarded “MINT Minded Company" (MMC)

After having been awarded the Top-100™ Innovation award last year, KCIG parent company to KCIG Academy®, now got another award as “MINT Minded Company" (MMC).

The award is granted by audimax MEDIEN GmbH in association with the “MINT Minded Company” initiative and MINT Zukunft schaffen and goes to companies that particularly focus on fostering their employees MINT skills (MINT being German for Mathematics, Engineering, Science and Technology). By signing a special “MINT welcome” declaration, consisting of ten paragraphs, companies declare their advocacy for the need to focus on MINT-Employees to guarantee the stability and further development of Germany as a prime location for business.KCIG was very happy to receive the award, as the company has always felt a special commitment to the values of the MINT initiative. Particularly by offering its employees free trainings designed to develop their MINT related skills at its own training facilities, the KCIG Academy®, KCIG makes a strong statement for these values.You will find a list of the fellow “MINT Minded Companies" including KCIG GmbH here.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail info@remove-this.kcig-academy.eu or call 0221-88 88 67-15.



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