Project Controlling - English



Project Controlling - English

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The business case is normally an argument to optain approval for a project or action of some kind.
This business case usually is motivated on financial returns which are calculated and which obviously seem lucrative to the decision makers.
However, so often project managers are convinced of the merits of their project, just to have it declined. Why?
Or worse even, so often these lucrative promises of the business case never yield the promised results. 

If you want to thoroughly understand these relations, this course is designed to provide non-financial managers with more advanced understanding of the financial ratios decisions making criteria, feasibility assessment, due diligence assessment and basic corporate finance principles. The seminar will give you exercise on presenting key financial results of the business case.

Target Audience

For managers who do not only want to approve projects, but add value by fully understanding the background of financial decisions behind their projects.

Content and Outcomes

  • Understanding a business case
  • Financial rations
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Time value of money
  • Cost of capital an discount rates
  • Financial an project portfolio
  • Project risk assessment
  • Project life cycle an the stages of a feasibility study
  • Project optimization theory
  • Presentation of key financial results



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